Stress affects every facet of your life, from productivity to personal relationships. For most, eliminating stress is not possible. With stressful jobs and commitments to keep, stress is a part of daily life. After a tough day at work, many take the stress home with them and some even take their frustrations out on friends and family. Here are some tips to help become more productive and to keep from taking work stress home.

Maximize Routines

Our lives are a mix of routines and multitasking. Half of the time we’re bouncing between different tasks and half the time we’re sticking to routine. There are certain things we do every morning. We wake up, get coffee, shower, go to work, etc. At work, we also partake in routine. Generally, it is the multitasking and departures from routine that create stress. In contrast, our routines let us move comfortably through the day. You can’t be productive without a strong routine, but not everybody has a routine that works effectively. The most important part of developing a routine is to understand your personal tendencies. There are certain times in the day where you have more focus or more energy. You need to make it routine to perform difficult tasks when you’re naturally more focused. This will allow you to minimize stress and maximize performance.

Limit Your Work to Specific Times and Locations

With more stressful jobs, you’re more likely to take work home with you. But if you want to have both productivity and work-life balance, you have to separate work from home life the best you can. Self-discipline makes all the difference. Make a rule that you will work only during a certain timeframe. Make another rule that you will only do work in the office. In some positions, emergencies will arise that have to be addressed. But you need to make an effort to leave work at work, for example you don’t have to check your work email constantly after you leave for the day. When you take work stress home with you, it affects your family life, your friendships, and more. Without some kind of balance between life and work, your stress will become unbearable and your performance at work will decrease.

One of the biggest challenges of modern construction professionals is staying productive despite increasing stress levels. We often have more responsibilities than we can keep up with. Creating a routine that maximizes productivity and doing your best to keep from taking stress home with you can make a huge difference.


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