Making a career change in construction can be intimidating, especially if you have a stable job. Many people don’t want to risk their livelihood. Yet, sometimes people need to take risks to find a career that brings them the satisfaction they want. When you do make a career change, it’s important to make the most of it. Here’s how successful people make the most of their career changes.

Cultural Fit

First, they look for a cultural fit. To be successful you need to feel like the culture resonates with you, click with the construction leadership, and feel the chemistry. If you don’t fit in with the culture, you aren’t likely to succeed there. It’s important to feel energized at your company. Figuring this out often means trusting your gut. Most people can tell if it is the right fit by listening to their intuition. Research also helps. Look at the organization’s LinkedIn profile, talk to employees, and ask about corporate culture during the interview phase. Also, think about the skills you have. Do they fit with the job you’re looking to have, or do you need to acquire new ones? You want all the different pieces to line up.

Ask Great Questions

Another way to ensure your career change is successful is to ask great questions. You want to ask pointed questions that will give you a complete understanding of what the company has to offer. Get to know what it will be like to work for the company next week, but also 2-4 years from now. An example of a good question is: “Right now I take a lot of pride in being the expert/go-to guy in xyz. What would I need to do in the next x years for you to say, “wow – this guy’s a great hire?’” You want to understand what your chances are of succeeding with the company and what types of actions you will need to do to set and reach goals. This type of question also sells you as a candidate at the same time. It shows that you value success and want to do what it takes to succeed. Don’t ask things like “How long will it take for me to get a promotion?” You want to show them you have drive, but also that you’re willing to put in the work.

Look for Stability in a Career Change

You also want to ask questions that tell you what kind of stability you might have at the firm. For example, you could ask “If I make a change, I am looking for stability. Where do you see me in 5 years?” or “If I’m successful, what kind of growth can I have?” You won’t be happy with a career change if you won’t have opportunities to grow or the new career doesn’t provide you with a stable income. So, try to find a job you feel confident will give you the stability you need.

To make the most of a construction career change, you should find a company culture that fits with your personal and professional values, ask questions that allow you to understand your potential to succeed with the company, and ask questions that allow you to understand what kind of job stability you can expect.


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