The list of advantages to partnering with a market master construction recruiter is extensive. Yet there are still some hiring managers who wonder if the investment is truly worth it. The best way to reduce any skepticism is to consider a cost-benefit analysis as it relates to recruiting. Recruiting top construction talent is critical key to expanding operations and meeting (or exceeding) your organization’s goals. And retaining that talent is an effective approach to reaching your goals since turnover is very costly. Here are some key points a skeptic may want to know about the benefits of working with a market master construction recruiter, especially in a labor shortage.

Access to Passive Candidates

Although improving retention is easier said than done in most cases, it all comes back to hiring the right employees to begin with. Market master recruiters have proven techniques enabling them to tap into a marketplace of passive candidates. Running ads or asking around to your subs will only take you so far. Market master recruiters have built relationships with top performing construction candidates, and they are not going after those who are unemployed. For instance, running an ad, also referred to as the shotgun approach, results in putting it out there to everyone in the world that has computer, tablet, or cell phone. That’s over a billion people that have access to your job post. Who are the candidates that spend their free time on job boards? 99.99%+ of them are not close to being qualified, live hundreds of miles away, are unemployed and/or miserable. Are these the candidates you want to attract? Don’t get me wrong, there might be a hirable candidate that group once in a while who will answer a job post, but the chances are slim. And in most cases, they are not the top candidates who would have considered your opportunity with the right personal approach by a market master recruiter.

A Targeted Approach

Market master construction recruiters rely on a targeted approach to find the people with just the right experience, education, and skills. This type of candidate will not answer an ad and is already working in the industry. Companies simply don’t have access to this passive talent outside of a recruiter’s office. In addition, a back and forth dialogue is required over time to build connections with these talented candidates. This transparency and communication allow the market master to understand a candidate’s motivations and pain points. This allows them to be proactive and address those issues head on when they present an opportunity. It’s crucial to have a focused approach and clear understanding of the candidate, the position, and the hiring manager. Recruiters can also help coach the hiring manager on the hot buttons of the candidate.

Closing the Deal

A final selling point about market master recruiters is that they are not willing to put out offers if they’re not going to be accepted. This can be difficult to accomplish on your own. There are a lot of reasons a candidate would want an offer, but there’s only one reason a company should extend it, and that is that the candidate will accept the offer, wants to be a part of your team, and will be a productive member. Recruiters can help you avoid candidates who are driven by ego or may be planning to use your offer to negotiate against other offers or generate a counteroffer from their current employer.

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