Sales is an often overlooked aspect of construction. When looking for someone to join their sales team, construction recruiters need to know what to look for. The following are just some of the traits of sales superstars that you should be looking for.

Sales Superstars Are Trainable

Sales superstars will start with plenty of innate talent, but they will also be easy to train. That is because every company has its processes, procedures, and software. Top salespeople understand that being trainable is an important skill, and they prioritize this. They take it to the next level by going out of their way to learn new sales skills and techniques.

Sales Superstars Are Goal Oriented

Construction recruiting teams should also look for salespeople who are goal-oriented. Salespeople tend to do their best when they push themselves to achieve a goal. They judge themselves on meeting their objectives, as well as those others set out for them. When combined with good construction leadership that knows how to set realistic goals, this makes a great salesperson.

Sales Superstars Are Highly Motivated

Another common feature of sales superstars is their high level of motivation. It takes inspiration to achieve goals and even more to surpass them, so this is no surprise. But reason goes beyond reaching goals. Salespeople feel motivated always to do their best and to improve what their best is continual.

It is also worth noting that motivation helps salespeople overcome obstacles. It gives them the drive they need to push past resistant clients or challenges within the industry.

Sales Superstars Are Confident

When you talk to a great salesperson, you will notice their confidence right away. This is very different from false bravado. This confidence goes hand-in-hand with motivation, giving them the push to overcome obstacles or refusals.

Sales Superstars Are Resilient

Resiliency is yet another trait of sales superstars that helps them push through challenges. Instead of accepting a rejection, they will be resilient, think back to their objectives, and develop ways to appeal to the client. This perseverance makes the difference between someone who does okay in sales and someone who excels.

Sales Superstars Are Realistic

While not taking no for an answer can be a good thing most of the time, it is not always the best course of action. Sales superstars can judge a situation and potential client accurately to tell whether that is the case. This prevents wasted effort and maximizes sales.

Sales Superstars Are Creative

There are plenty of creative roles in construction, from architects to project managers to salespeople. For sales superstars, creativity comes naturally. They constantly innovate to come up with new ways to appeal to their target audience.

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