COVID-19 has affected everything from project priorities to schedules to collaboration, but construction firms aren’t letting the virus stop them from doing necessary work. Across the country, construction firms are using innovative tools and measures to stay productive during the quarantine.

Virtual Public Meetings

One tool that is helping construction firms remain productive during this time is a collaborative tool that allows firms to hold public meetings virtually. The tool was developed by AECOM, which is a construction company based in Los Angeles. With this software, firms can host meeting with stakeholders, consultants, and community members without risking their safety or the safety of employees. Essentially, the tool allows users to enter a virtual town meeting where they can watch videos, listen to recorded speeches, view blueprints and other plans, and interact by commenting. The tool allows firms to receive feedback about their plans and projects from the public remotely.

Video Inspection

While building inspections are typically performed in-person, COVID-19 had made it necessary for building inspectors to perform their work from home. Video conferencing tools such as Skype, Google Duo, and FaceTime have all been used to perform video inspections during the quarantine. Many have noted that virtual inspections have some benefits, including more flexible scheduling, but for video inspections to work building need to be viewed under normal circumstances. It is also important that firms talk to their local government officials to get their approval and to make sure you practice online safety protocols.

Plan Grid

Plan Grid is a construction app that allows teams to share blueprints and collaborate with team members remotely. Information management software like this allows firms to make sure everyone on the team has the information they need about projects whether they are working on-site or working from home. Team members can mark up plans, update them, and share with other team members. This kind of tool ensures the team is all on the same page, which, in turn, helps the team stay organized, focused, and productive. This is especially important during this period of uncertainty.

Although the coronavirus has upended the routines of most construction firms in the United States, innovative tools have allowed most construction firms to stay productive during the current health crisis while still adhering to essential safety guidelines and practicing responsible social distancing measures.


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