Making a good impression during your job interview is essential to landing your dream job. It’s important to be prepared and not let your nerves get in the way. One critical aspect of the interview process is asking intelligent questions. The interview is a two-way process; you are both getting to know each other and finding if and how you can work together. Asking great questions is a key element of a successful interview. So, what questions should you ask? What questions should you definitely not ask?

Good Interview Questions

Some good questions to ask during an interview are job-related. Questions about the position itself and the tasks involved are relevant to ask. These are all questions that are in the “safe zone” and will help you understand the position and the company better.

  • You can ask about the software that is currently being used for certain aspects of the job.
  • Ask about processes and procedures.
  • Ask about the company itself, but don’t ask anything that you could have found out yourself from your prior research on their website and social media accounts.

Questions That Are Off Limits

And of course there are certain topics that are off limits during an interview. Don’t ask questions about how much money you are going to make in the position. Not only should you not ask money questions, also don’t answer questions about how much money you want to make. While it’s ok to share what you’re currently making, you can elaborate by saying that there are other aspects to the position that are important to you such as upward mobility. And expressing your confidence that they will make a fair offer when the time is right can also help.

  • The interview is not a good time to discuss time off such as sick days or vacation days.
  • Discussing benefits is another area that is off limits during the interview, unless they bring it up. If so, take note if it’s not appealing, express positive thoughts if it is.
  • Don’t ask about health care coverage or mileage reimbursements until the final interview (unless they bring it up, same as above).

Great Interview Questions

Certain questions will set you apart from the rest of the candidates. Great questions to ask are about stability and longevity. Also, questions about expectations and contribution are excellent to ask. If you’re looking to be there for the rest of your career, let them know that. And find ways to get to know how you can grow with the company and help them reach their goals.

  • Ask about where the interviewer sees the company in 5, 10, or 15 years.
  • Inquire about upward mobility if you are successful in the position.
  • Let them know (with humility and confidence) that you take pride in being considered the top person in your niche at your current company – what would you need to accomplish to achieve that here?

The interview is a time to show your highest accomplishments and find out more information about the company. Avoid asking questions about compensation or benefits. Us the time to ask some great questions about your contribution, mobility, and longevity that will set you apart from the rest.

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