Making sure that your company’s mission and values are transparent is the foundation of a successful construction firm. But, it’s just as important that everyone in your company shares the core values and embodies those values on a daily basis, instead of just putting them on your website and forgetting about them. Here are some tips that can help keep everyone in your organization in line with your mission.

Make Your Values Public

The public should be aware of what your company cares about most, so your core values have got to be out there to be effective. Brands that communicate their values in a clear manner will have a stronger identity than those that don’t. Focus on building an identity that’s based on some of the most powerful professional values including:

  • Accountability – Successful construction companies share this core value in common. They take responsibility for their actions whether they’re right or wrong. In addition to holding your service or products accountable, make sure that your employees are being held responsible too.
  • Honesty – This is a basic tenet of many construction firm’s core values. There’s a reason for that. Honesty is a critical component to the success of a company. Leaders and workers alike need to remain honest and transparent to collaborate and reach the unified goals of the company.
  • Integrity – Make it known that your company ensures integrity at all levels. These should always be your core values. These core values will become selling points of the company for the right people. Although it can be tempting to compromise the truth to stay competitive, doing so will only hurt your reputation and retention in the long run.

Consistent and Understandable Values

Maintaining consistent values is what will help give your brand trust and credibility. Then, core values need to be discussed on a regular basis to ensure that every employee understands them. Productivity is important but, more importantly core values should be followed and if not, then you can’t let that slide. If core value is safety, then everyone has to make that a priority.

Leaders Should Model Behavior

Values have to come from the top but are driven by the team. So, it’s up to the leaders to live it, talk about it, and make sure everyone understands. Don’t let them forget. The end goal should be to have an empowered workforce, and it begins with providing inspired leadership. Some leaders are too focused on achieving their short-term goals, rather than keeping their teams motivated.

Only a small percentage of Americans agree that the values of their employers match their own. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many employees becoming disengaged in their jobs. That’s why construction leaders have to be more decisive and persuasive now than ever to energize their teams.

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