As a brand-new decade begins, it’s a good time to make safety a top priority within your construction firm. The talent shortage continues to be a major issue in the field, and this shortage has affected workplace safety. January is the perfect time to take stock of the safety protocols you have and reevaluate your safety training programs. Here are some tips to make commercial construction safety a priority in 2020 in your workplace.

Annual Training

While it is customary to train new employees in construction safety, companies should have training sessions annually. They should also consider hold a training session when circumstances change that could affect safety, such as the start of a new project or the introduction of new technology. Even your more established employees benefit from annual safety training. In most cases, technology and procedures change from one year to the next. Plus, most of your team members can benefit simply from having consistent reminders. In a field like commercial construction, the safety of your team needs to be your top priority.

Invest in Wearable Technology

There is a new type of wearable technology that signals to construction workers through vibrations when they’re near potentially dangerous heavy machinery. Vibrations vary in duration and intensity so employees can know the location of machinery even when their eyes are closed. Construction sites can be hectic so it is hard for most people to pay attention to the sounds and sights around them 100% of them, so having the addition of tactile input can make a real difference.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest trends in construction safety is artificial intelligence-based prediction tools. These tools analyze location, work hours, project timelines, manpower, RFIs, and other data to assess risk factors and evaluate the degree of workplace safety. Predictive tools are especially important right now because the current shortage of skilled labor in the industry has changed the nature of work in construction. By understanding historical factors that contributed to work site injuries and studying current trends, AI can help reduce preventable safety incidents.

The beginning of the new year is a good time for companies to make employee safety a top priority. In commercial construction, we still see some accidents that are completely preventable. Annual training sessions, wearable technology, and predictive tools can all improve construction safety. Let’s make reducing safety incidents a top priority this year.


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