It is often said that the best leaders can influence others through actions and words.  In the context of construction, both work ethic and a willingness to be vocal matter exceptionally.  If you consider yourself a leader or would like to transition into a leadership role, focus on attempting to understand others rather than over-emphasizing the development of your skills and traits.

Shift the Focus Away from the Self

There is a common misconception that the best leaders are ego-centric and laser-focused on self-improvement.  The truth is the most effective construction leaders are good listeners.  Furthermore, there is an art to interacting with people.  Be hyper-aware of the following subtleties of human interaction when speaking to others in the workplace:

  • Tact
  • Careful word choice
  • Volume of voice
  • Tone

Listen closely to others, think before you speak, try to craft your responses and directives respectfully, and you will earn respect from others.  The best leaders are respected, yet this is only the initial step toward developing a lasting rapport.  Let’s take a closer look at what else is necessary to be a better construction leader.


It is often said that there are at least two sides to every story.  However, as time progresses and society becomes more atomized, human interactions become less frequent, meaning people aren’t bothering to listen to the stories of others.  If you want to be a better construction leader, you must listen.

Genuine leaders are not only willing to listen to others but also willing to attempt to understand them.  Employees who are unwilling to listen, uninterested in the perspectives of others, and solely focused on their own subjective experience do not make good leaders.  Objective individuals are unbiased, meaning they don’t let their personal opinions and experiences override logic when assessing situations and attempting to guide others to an end that enhances the collective good of the organization.

Objective leaders are also that much more understanding, empathetic and intelligent in the context of emotional management.  The societal challenges of recent years have made sincere, heartfelt empathy for others all the more critical, especially in a demanding work environment such as a construction site.

Be a Better Construction Leader Today

You have the power to rapidly transition from a follower into a leader if you are willing to put forth the effort necessary to fulfill your true potential.  Implement the tips noted above, sharpen your verbal and social skills at every opportunity, and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from a recruiter in your quest for new opportunities.  A recruiter will help in the job search context, perfecting your resume and practicing for interviews.  Continue to improve your leadership skills while adding experience to your resume, and you’ll make meaningful progress toward fulfilling your career aspirations.

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