Since it’s currently a job seeker’s market, there are more construction jobs than there are professionals to fill them. But, there will always be a number of highly qualified workers still in the industry looking for new or even better opportunities. Your organization can attract some of these star candidates by simply learning what they are looking for in a commercial construction company.

Star candidates are looking for companies that:

Show Opportunities for Upward Mobility

If you want to land the best candidates, then you should show them that there is room for them to move up the corporate ladder within the organization based on performance. Introduce any current employees who’ve been promoted from within the organization to prove that you enable and encourage upward mobility. Go over the timeline it took their current employees to earn their promotions.

Have a Bright Future

Star candidates are not only looking to join companies with past track records of success, but also want to be part of organizations that are dedicated to progressing their respective missions for years to come.

Work on Large, High-Profile Projects

Star candidates want to leave lasting legacies within the industry by successfully completing important projects. It’s also a point of pride to be able to work on projects that positively impact communities.

Have a Positive Work Culture

There are several notable benefits of promoting a positive work environment. From boosting overall productivity to improving employee wellbeing, the best construction candidates are looking for those commercial construction companies with positive work cultures. PDR Senior Consultant Christine Mikhail wrote, “Organizations that purposefully craft and develop their culture experience a 14% turnover rate, whereas organizations that ignore their culture experience a 48% turnover rate.”

Take the Safety of Their Employees Seriously

Construction professionals who are looking for a long-term growth opportunity are going to be looking at a company’s safety record. A growing number of employees are choosing those companies that are focused upon improving job site safety for its workers and bystanders.

Will Support Their Goals and Drive to Succeed

Good construction leadership recognizes employees on a regular basis for achieving goals. They also provide an encouraging and supportive environment for employees to reach those goals.

Have an Expanding Portfolio of Projects and Clients

A growing business will show candidates that there will be more room for upward mobility in the foreseeable future. It also shows that the company is stable and financially secure.

Allow Workers to Have a Voice

Candidates will be attracted to those organizations with open-door polices and value any feedback that they receive from their teams. It’s evidence that the company listens and appreciates their employees.

Take Continuing Education and Skill-Development Seriously

A recent talent development report found that firms that dedicate resources to workplace development have higher employee retention rates.

Want Their Employees to Drive Growth and Expansion

Many construction professionals are looking for an opportunity to build and lead a new unit or division within a company. They are looking for an organization with a well-thought out plan and resources to support them in the expansion of a new division.

These are a few of the things that star construction candidates are looking for in a commercial construction company. Are these areas that your company takes seriously, or is there room for improvement? Consider what you can do to improve each area so that you’ll be in the best position possible to attract the brightest talent.

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