The construction industry is facing a labor shortage. With fewer young people entering the sector and baby boomers retiring, there are already numerous unfilled jobs. Now, the Great Resignation is further complicating things.

Still, for savvy construction companies, the Great Resignation is an opportunity to recruit skilled workers.

Great Opportunity for Construction Industry to Attract Unsatisfied Talent

Simply put, the Great Resignation offers a winning opportunity for construction companies that offer competitive packages. Construction workers, along with employees from other industries, are leaving jobs they are unsatisfied with. However, it is good to note that many of these people leaving their jobs still want to stay in their industry.

There are construction companies that can offer what those resigned workers are looking for in a job. These companies will find themselves in a position to attract more talent. This is especially useful given the high number of job vacancies in construction.

Construction companies need to take advantage of this opportunity by showing construction talent the benefits of working with them. From high wages to a positive work atmosphere, there are many ways to stand out.

The Importance of Providing Meaning and Value

While salary still matters, it is not always the most important facet of a construction job. Most skilled workers say having meaning and value in their work has a significant impact on their overall satisfaction.

Construction employers can take this to heart in two ways. First, they must continue providing meaning and value to current employees to retain them. Second, they should highlight that purpose to potential candidates. This can attract individuals who are already in the construction industry, as well as those who have resigned from other related industries.

A Good Opportunity to Diversify Workforces

The Great Resignation also offers an excellent opportunity for construction companies to diversify their workforce. The industry can expand to include underrepresented groups. This would broaden the appeal of the trade not only to those underrepresented groups but to a variety of groups in general.

Why People Resign and What They Are Looking For

To reiterate, construction companies can do the following to attract skilled workers during the Great Resignation:

  • Providing meaning and value in the work
  • Offering competitive wages
  • Appealing to underrepresented groups

Whether you want to recruit individuals coming from construction roles or from another industry, you will need to contend with some of the reasons they quit their jobs. Some specific things that construction talent looks for in their jobs include:

  • To have work-life balance
  • To be given respect for their time
  • To be viewed as people, not numbers
  • To be trusted and empowered with flexible work solutions when possible


The Great Resignation is concerning to some companies, especially since the construction industry already has a labor shortage. But it can actually be seen as an opportunity for companies to recruit talent, both from other construction firms and from other industries. Savvy construction firms will grab this opportunity by ramping up their recruitment efforts and highlighting the benefits of working for them.

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