For candidates who changing positions, delivering a resignation can be a daunting task. It involves confronting your manager with news that may seem sudden or unexpected. Yet you know that to progress to the next phase of your career it’s something that must be done. How do you make it as comfortable as possible? Here some tips for delivering your resignation with ease.

Keep It Simple

Your written resignation should be simple. Include your name and date, and give a brief notice stating your departure date. It should also include your signature. If you want to elaborate, you can always add some expressions of gratitude for the opportunities they gave you. Your recruiter can provide a sample resignation letter for you to reference.

Keep It Positive

Be sure to keep it only positive. Do not include any complaints or constructive criticism. It’s a small world and you never know when your paths will cross again in the construction industry. No matter what challenges you experienced with the company, you want to leave them with a positive impression of you.


You may want to discourage the potential for a counteroffer in your letter. Many companies will ask you what your compensation will be at your new company. To avoid the cost of replacing you, they may make a similar offer. They may even make you a higher offer. This can create an awkward situation if you decline. And if you’re tempted to accept, be aware that it can breed mistrust within your company if you stay. Also, remember that compensation is only one aspect of why you chose to leave in the first place. Career growth, a better fit with another company’s culture, and a variety of other factors helped you make that decision. All of the reasons you were ready to leave will remain in play even with a higher pay check. In addition, studies show that if you take the counteroffer, you are likely to leave or be let go within the next 6 months to a year.
You can dissuade a counteroffer in your letter by stating that it was a difficult decision for you but your decision is final and you hope they will honor that.

The In-Person Resignation

Once your letter is complete, you need to deliver your notice and tell your supervisor in person. Be prepared to consider the reactions of your team and think about how you will respond to them in advance. Don’t let their responses sway your decision or govern the direction of your career. It’s likely that they’ll have numerous probing questions about your new position and company. Know what you are going to say and stick to it. Don’t talk about your new compensation and find a polite way to answer any probing questions they have without being rude or evasive. Express your desire to wrap up your construction projects effectively and transition to your new position.

Follow the steps and you’ll make the resignation process a whole lot easier and then you can focus on your next chapter. Congratulations on starting a new phase in your career.

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