Are you looking for a great senior estimator to join your construction team? As a senior estimator, they will be responsible for calculating major construction cost estimates and will be involved in project planning, development, negotiation, and contract execution.

To find a top-level senior estimator, you need to find someone with excellent communication skills and great attention to detail. Outstanding senior estimators can negotiate with various professionals, make accurate time and cost estimates, and resolve any issues. Top-level Senior Estimators demand high salaries due to their experience and importance to keeping a project in budget.

Top Level Senior Estimator Responsibilities

Outside of mathematical and analytical skills, senior construction estimators also need strong communication skills, In addition, other Senior Estimator responsibilities include:

  • Formulating estimates for planning, organizing, and scheduling project work.
  • Handling pre-qualification and pre-bid submissions.
  • Consistently reaching out to Management and keeping clients updated with project developments.
  • Developing contingency plans and managing risks that may impact final numbers in budget.
  • Meeting with other teams, site visits, and providing other services, like bid deliveries, if required.

The Senior Estimator directs, independently, all phases of the work on large projects involving significant construction and assists in developing uniformity of procedure.

Senior Estimator Salary Ranges and Chief Estimator Salary Ranges to Keep You Competitive

It is vital to offer a competitive salary and benefits package, including PTO, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Paid Holidays, and advancement opportunities. To attract and retain top talent, you must know the salary that candidates are looking to achieve.

Estimator salaries vary depending on the geographic location and other factors. Below is a closer look at Senior Estimator salary ranges and how firms can remain competitive.

Senior Estimator Salary Ranges

Region 20th Percentile 80th Percentile Mean Median
Midwest $116.28 $153.38 $136.28 $136.84
Mid-Atlantic $119.08 $164.39 $142.47 $140.66
Northeast $142.23 $194.75 $172.94 $169.90
Northwest $133.35 $169.33 $149.09 $145.72
Southeast $115.02 $157.41 $140.32 $140.66
Southwest $119.41 $155.29 $137.86 $138.98

*salaries do not reflect bonuses
**Percentile multiplied by $1000 reflects annual salary

Senior Estimator requires a minimum of 10 years’ experience. This is a lead position, with multiple specialties, and a strong command of advanced estimating concepts is required. Often requires the supervision and technical direction of Junior Estimators, as well as directly reporting to, and assisting the Chief Estimator.

Chief Estimator Salary Ranges

Region 20th Percentile 80th Percentile Mean Median
Midwest $145.38 $181.93 $163.04 $163.27
Mid-Atlantic $160.33 $204.07 $181.59 $175.85
Northeast $168.89 $233.09 $204.65 $203.07
Northwest $171.58 $203.41 $195.08 $188.11
Southeast $147.87 $204.86 $176.31 $175.41
Southwest $139.87 $191.26 $167.31 $167.31

*salaries do not reflect bonuses
**Percentile multiplied by $1000 reflects annual salary

Chief Estimator requires between 12 and 15 years’ experience. This position requires a strong command of large and complex projects and may require the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Chief Estimator must also possess strong communication and leadership skills, as they are responsible for leading, directing, and advising Junior Estimators.


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