When you’re planning on hiring construction talent, it’s important to move to the top of the game quickly. The problem is that the market is already more than at full employment. So how do you ensure you can retain the talent you need to grow and meet your sales goals?

Traditional Methods

There are three ways that companies tend to utilize when hiring commercial construction talent:

  • Advertisements
  • Subcontractor recommendations
  • Employee referrals

While these methods may have worked in the past, a labor shortage is an indicator that you’re going to have put some time and thoughtful effort into your commercial construction hiring strategy.

Why That’s a Problem

Running employment ads may sometimes help in recruiting lower level employees, but it’s a shot in the dark with construction executive recruitment in a highly competitive market. The same is true of subcontractor or employee referrals. These word of mouth recommendations might be a potential way to expand your pool of available contractors for labor positions, but not for the top managers entrusted with a multi-million construction project.

You just can’t place an ad on Craigslist as a commercial construction executive search and wait for the prospects to come flying in. There is a pressing skilled labor shortage in the market today. Great employees are enjoying their weekends and not scanning the job boards for new employment.

There are three main reasons a person is looking at job boards:

  • They’re unemployed
  • They’re about to be unemployed
  • They’re miserable at their current job

Are these the people you want to hire? None of those are promising and probably are not going to lead to that top talent you need to excel.

How Companies are Succeeding

Companies invest a lot of money into marketing to potential clients, so they will be viewed as “the company of choice.” In a similar way, when you work with right recruiter, your company is branded as a great company to work for to the candidate base.

Every company wants to have the competitive edge when it comes to hiring talent. The ones who are succeeding are working with a top-tier, tenured construction recruiter who is an expert in the field. A high-quality construction recruiter is out there screening the marketplace every day for the top talent and then placing them with the top companies. The difference between candidates could mean millions to the profitability of your company.

Do your homework to find a recruiter who specializes in construction and ask them about their process. They should be able to explain their methods and process in a way that you can understand. Great recruiters are selective and have a strategy; average recruiters take every assignment that comes their way.

An executive recruiter will be focused on your search and exactly what you need. When the firm finishes the search, they have a select group of people; they can then hone in on the very best of that group. The rest are future leads and you have exposed that group of people to how awesome the company is. This puts you in a powerful position for future hiring as well.

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