Fewer young people are entering the construction market. Combined with baby boomers retiring, this leaves a gap that construction firms have to fill. Such a lean market can be intimidating, but the following techniques can help you find and recruit construction talent.

The State of the Lean Market: Why Employers Wonder Where to Find Skilled Construction Workers

Before looking at where to find skilled construction workers, your firm needs to understand the current labor shortage. Manufacturing as a whole lost more than 1.4 million jobs in 2020, but the sector has only hired back workers for 820,000 of these. Experts predict that by 2030, there may be 1.2 million unfilled manufacturing roles, including in construction.

With such a severe shortage, the market is not only lean but also competitive. The following are good starting points for looking for skilled workers or workers willing to put in the effort to become skilled.

Specialized Job Boards

Start your search on the various construction job boards. While it’s smart to post ads on job boards that list all kinds of jobs, that strategy works best if you’re looking for entry-level workers who may need training.

If you want new employees who already have construction skills, specialized boards are a better option. After all, these boards will likely only attract people with the skills you need. As a bonus, these boards have fewer postings, reducing your competition.

Talk to Employees, Past and Present

You should also consider asking employees where to find skilled construction workers or asking directly for recommendations. Most businesses are at least familiar with the idea of doing this with current employees. But don’t overlook past employees as well.

Get in the habit of staying in contact with past employees. This is especially helpful if they left on good terms. Maybe a former employee will want to return, or maybe they will know someone who is a good fit for a currently open role.

Remember that employees are already familiar with your company culture. This increases the chances that their recommendations will be a good fit.

Work with a Recruiter 

Top recruiters know their market because they specialize in a niche and have in-depth knowledge of that market. They understand what motivates candidates and how to get them to open up. And they know how to manage the process through the critical phases of the pre-close to make the close a smooth experience for everyone. Who wouldn’t want a top recruiter on their side?

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