Some of the most successful construction firms all share at least one thing in common – they’ve all learned the benefits of treating their employees like valued family members. From improving employee retention to boosting the overall morale of your workplace, if you want to keep your team motivated and engaged, then it’s important to focus on making them feel appreciated. Here are some other reasons why more organizations are learning to treat their employees like valued family members.

You Spend More Time at Work Than Any Other Place

You’re likely away from home 40 or more hours each week, which is more time than you get to spend with your actual family. A common mistake made by companies with high turnover is that they take their employees for granted. Construction leadership can help to overcome this by taking time to listen to any of the concerns that their employees have and respecting their ideas. The golden rule is rather simple, just treat your employees like they matter to create a family experience.

You Need the Right Chemistry

Since it can help to increase both team productivity and work satisfaction, having the right chemistry can be just as important as the talent that you have working for you. You’re not going to be the highest paying company and shouldn’t have to be. Placing an emphasis on chemistry makes it about more than just money, which is what many employees are looking for. It’s more difficult for people to leave an organization, even in such a competitive market, when they feel chemistry with their coworkers and managers.

Turnover is Expensive

Replacing people has significant costs associated with it via training, delays, lost productivity, etc. Construction recruiters are strong proponents of paying people fairly because it costs so much more to replace them versus giving them a raise. In addition to paying them sufficiently, you can also show them that you care by providing them with more career growth opportunities.

Desperate Companies Are Willing to Offer More

Companies that are desperate are often willing to throw a bunch of money at a potential candidate. Even though some employees are simply looking for the best salaries being offered in the industry, there still a vast contingent of talent looking for companies that stress culture, family, benefits, perks, and opportunities to make a positive impact in the world. It’s important to separate yourself from those desperate companies by including leisurely activities outside of work to bolster the family values of your organization and improve the overall chemistry of your team. From attending a sporting event to volunteering on a community project, it can prove beneficial to spend quality time with your work family outside of the office as well.


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