A trait good construction leaders share is their passion for staying current with what’s going on in the industry. From learning about construction salaries to major projects being planned around the country, knowing about the latest trends can improve your leadership and sharpen your business acumen. Here are three popular commercial construction niches right now.

Cold Storage Construction

The demand is surging for cold storage construction facilities around the country. The demand is being attributed to a significant increase in food sales, along with the growing popularity of online grocery shopping. One issue that has come to light is the significant shortage of contractors with the necessary expertise to complete these projects. Cold storage construction presents some distinct challenges that commercial construction estimators don’t encounter with traditional warehouse projects. Not only are cold structures more expensive to build, they also take longer to construct due to complex metal panels, specialized refrigeration, and other equipment. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a team that can handle complex projects like this if you are moving into this niche.

Government Contracts

The federal government spends an average of $250 billion each year on construction contracts. Whether it’s building a road or a bridge, many of these projects are awarded to small businesses. But it takes a special approach to win these contracts. First, you have to know where to look. The most effective way is by searching the Contracting Opportunity Finder on USA.gov. Review the rules prior to submitting your bid package. Sometimes it’s possible to identify projects that haven’t been listed yet by leveraging your professional network and reading current events. Now is an ideal time to enter this niche since the Congress and the White House agreed to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure.


Hotel construction activity is at an all time high this year creating even more high-paying construction careers in many regions across the US. New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Houston are some of the top markets for hotel construction. Owners and contractors are opting to use modular construction in an effort to meet the demand. Marriott is planning to build the tallest modular hotel in the world later this year.

You don’t have to be the biggest firm to win cold storage, government, and hotel contracts. It’s usually best to start small and learn from the trials and errors. Focus on your construction recruiting methods now and you’ll win more bids and meet crucial deadlines.


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