As more jobs are being outsourced to foreign markets overseas, it’s a relief knowing that our industry requires skills and experience that can’t be outsourced. Now is an ideal time to enter the construction field for a variety of reasons. There is currently a labor shortage, wages are high, and the industry has many stable careers with great pay and opportunities for advancement. Numerous construction management professionals are reaching the age of retirement fueling a demand for new workers. Have you ever wondered if the commercial construction field is right for you? Here are three signs you should work in commercial construction for a living.

1. You Want a Stable Career

Job security is just one of the great benefits that construction careers can provide. Our industry is growing exponentially right now, and firms are looking for the next generation of professionals to assume leadership positions and become construction estimators, project managers, directors, etc. The commercial construction industry is also strong in many different regions across the U.S., so another sign that you should do construction for a living is if you happen to live in one of these hotspots (or you’re willing to relocate). From airport upgrades to hospital expansions, several major projects have already started their pre-construction phases in cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco.

2. You Enjoy a Challenge

Being a part of this industry doesn’t come without its share of challenges, especially if you want to become a project manager or advance to a senior project manager. In addition to ensuring the overall success of projects, you will also have to juggle scheduling, the management of resources, budgeting, reviewing contractor bids, and even technical support along the way. As construction recruiting experts, we understand just how valuable a talented project manager can be in our industry when it comes to improving employee turnover and hiring costs. If you enjoy meeting a variety of challenges in your work, a construction career may be right for you.

3. You Want to be Rewarded Well for Your Hard Work

Construction salaries have been on the rise for the past several years across the country. Hard-working and talented construction estimators are enjoying the best compensation and benefits packages we’ve ever seen offered in our industry. Six figure salaries are becoming more common across this profession. Yet there are plenty of other advantages associated with working in commercial construction, heavy construction (roads and bridges), water and wastewater or even the oil and gas construction sector. Extensive travel opportunities, camaraderie, and the satisfaction of bringing vital resources to homes and businesses are some of the other rewards that you will appreciate.


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