Commercial construction careers are as robust as they’ve ever been thanks to a strong U.S. economy. Yet, firms around the country continue to face staff and labor shortages leaving some of the most crucial positions in demand in commercial construction. We continue to consult with industry executives concerning the skilled labor crisis as well as commercial construction salaries;  providing them with the information needed to overcome these obstacles.

For instance, construction leadership needs to be more focused now on keeping their most talented workers happy, safe, and productive to avoid losing any key people to their competitors. Some firms have even started leveraging technology, like artificial intelligence, to help improve their employee retention rates. Then, offering profit-sharing plans and continuing education opportunities have also been effective strategies to keep construction professionals happy.

Top Positions in Demand in Commercial Construction Nationwide

  • Pre-construction positions -From sales to project management, positions within the preconstruction process are critical right now as demand soars.
  • Construction estimators – The number of veteran estimators reaching the age of retirement is increasing everyday leaving a consistent demand for fresh talent across the industry. Estimating is one of the most rewarding careers available with exceptional construction salaries being offered to those qualified candidates.
  • Water and Wastewater positions – From superintendents to project engineers, wastewater is one of the fastest growing sectors right now as a growing number of US cities seek to overhaul or build new water and sewer systems.

Construction Hotspots

The demand for commercial construction is charging full-steam ahead with several U.S. markets experiencing favorable conditions for construction work. Some of the hottest regions right now include:


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