One of the smartest decisions a construction firm leader can make is to partner with a market master construction recruiter. Yet, some in the construction industry still assume that they can handle all of the hiring on their own. This can prove to be a costly mistake that results in poor hires and poor retention. The most effective candidate searches should begin with creating well-written job descriptions that attract construction candidates with proven success. Here are some of the most common signs you could use the help of a market master recruiter in your hiring process:

  1. You’re attracting the wrong people.

    If you’re not getting the right candidates in the door, then it’s almost always to a limited recruiting process. Market master recruiters have access to passive candidates who aren’t actively looking for a job. Posting an ad on a job board typically only attracts those that are either job-hopping or are miserable with their current job. Most of the top people are already working for your competitors and might not even be aware that they would be a better fit with your organization until they speak with a recruiter.

  2. You’re getting dozens of resumes and none of them are even close to what you need.

    It all goes back to creating a thorough job description that highlights the duties of the job, along with your expectations and requirements. It’s also a matter of the limitations of posting jobs and hoping for the best. That is a one-way communication dynamic, whereas working with a recruiter gives you a two-way line of communication with the market master as the mediator.

  3. Candidates are turning down your offers.

    If this is the case, then hiring managers aren’t placing enough emphasis on selling opportunities with your company. From featuring company benefits to a unique working environment, it’s important to leave a lasting and positive impression on each candidate.

  4. You don’t have time to do the work.

    An effective hiring process requires time and attention. It involves preparation, research, interviewing, and onboarding. Even though it can be time consuming, keep in mind that acquiring great talent should be your number one priority. There is a delay in gratification when it comes to hiring, so some firms don’t value it until they’re desperate. Don’t fall into that trap.

  5. You don’t have a solid process.

    Your hiring processes should be solid and streamlined. If too much time elapses from when you talk to candidate, hold interviews, and follow-up with them, candidates don’t know where they stand and often seek other opportunities.

  6. There are negative rumors about your firm in the marketplace.

    Reputation is key to attracting the top construction candidates. Sometimes, candidates don’t respond because they’ve heard bad things about a company. A market master would be able to explore a candidate’s objections and either set the records straight with accurate information or let them know what the firm is doing to improve. In contrast, a hiring manager wouldn’t be having those conversations with a candidate.

There are so many benefits of working with a recruiter including, access to talking to passive candidates, using a tried and true process, and consistently pre-closing the deal by making sure any potential deal killers are dealt with along the way. Market master recruiters are only going to deliver an offer if they know it will be accepted. This puts your firm in the best position possible.

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