Whether you are a construction recruiter searching for a new construction career, it is helpful to know some basics about the job of a construction superintendent. Discover the typical construction salary for this role, as well as the required skills and responsibilities.

Construction Superintendent Salary

When looking at construction salary for superintendents, it will depend on the location, level of experience, and size and cost of the project.

Take superintendents with 10 to 15 years of construction experience working on projects between $50 and $250 million, for example. Their average salary ranges from about $140,000 to $152,000, depending on where they are in the U.S.

Compare that with construction superintendents working on projects valued at more than $250 million and with more than 20 years of experience. Their average salary is between $160,000 and $185,000. This once again depends on the location.

Construction Superintendent Skills

A superintendent is a construction leadership role, so it requires more skills than other construction careers. Superintendents should have strong leadership skills. They should also have good operational and time management skills. As with any other construction leadership role, superintendents should also be good at math, estimating, and budgeting, as well as teamwork and collaboration. They should also be productive and efficient.

One important thing to keep in mind about construction recruiting for superintendents is that this role does not necessarily require a degree. Many superintendents simply work their way up through the ranks. They may start as an entry-level construction worker or in another position. They slowly learn more as they gain experience. As they demonstrate their leadership skills, they tend to get more opportunities.

Construction Superintendent Responsibilities

One of the most important roles of construction superintendents is general management. Most of their main responsibilities are subsets of this one. Superintendents have to manage the people on the job site as well as the processes. They are responsible for ensuring the project gets done within budget and on time.

As part of that overarching management role, superintendents delegate responsibility to others on the job site. They control the overall operations on the construction site, including maintaining order and safety. This is particularly important with the skilled labor crisis, as it encourages many people to enter construction. Those new workers may not have the same safety knowledge as experienced workers.

Construction Superintendents Vs. Project Managers

There is a lot of overlap between the roles and responsibilities of construction superintendents and project managers. The biggest difference is that project managers typically work offsite and focus on administration. A construction superintendent typically works on-site and serves as a foreman or construction manager.

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