Construction companies are finding new and innovative ways to keep workers safe when they are at isolated job sites often far removed from hospital emergency rooms. Telemedicine can be an effective tool in these situations to bridge the gap, and it has even been used recently to help save a man’s life after he collapsed in the parking lot of a construction site. Below we’ll explore some notable advantages of using telemedicine services in the construction industry.

A Well-Connected Jobsite Helps Save a Life

A recent incident in Florida confirmed the benefits of leveraging telehealth services to connect construction sites to dedicated teams of healthcare providers using phone lines or internet devices. Upon witnessing a worker pass out on the job, his colleagues started performing CPR, while a safety officer spoke to a doctor over FaceTime. The doctor was on the scene, at least in a virtual sense, and quickly assessed the patient while instructing them to retrieve a defibrillator. The doctor advised the construction workers how to set up the device and send shocks. It was enough to keep the worker alive until an ambulance arrived to take over.

Advantages to Telemedicine

Telemedicine services like JobSiteCare are helping to bring quality care to isolated job sites around the world. In the past, workplace injuries were typically handled by whoever was present at the time like safety officers, coworkers, paramedics, etc. Although this type of care is arguably better than no care at all, it can lead to delays in diagnosis, no objective oversight, and lack of communication. But when real doctors are made case managers over workplace injuries, then an immediate diagnosis and plan for care can be provided.

From rashes to burns, more employers are encouraging employees to use telemedicine for common health conditions because it produces positive results most of the time. Some other benefits include:

Promoting workplace health and safety is a trending topic in just about every industry right now. Some things that construction leadership can do include investing in telehealth services, wearables, and journey management software.


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