Some Detroit development projects have changed the makeup neighborhoods and created a few new jobs. Others will have long-lasting effects on the city as a whole. They might impact transportation, attract new residents to the city, or create major job opportunities. This list showcases the most exciting construction developments in Detroit right now.

Gordie Howe International Bridge

In 2018, the city sold land in the Delray neighborhood to Michigan so the state can construct a bridge connecting Detroit to Windsor, Ontario. The construction will affect more than 450 families, as most of the residents in the neighborhood have already chosen to leave. The construction for the bridge started last July and should be finished before 2025. One of the perks of the bridge will be pedestrian and bicycle lanes. When completed, the Gordie Howe International Bridge will be one of the longest bridges in the country.

Ford Motor Company

Last year, Ford Motor Company purchased Michigan Central Station with plans to build a mobility-focused campus near Michigan Avenue. This $350 million construction project in Corktown includes plans to stabilize and winterize the structure, replace the electrical systems, and restore the interior. The beautiful building has been vacant for years, but this renovation will breathe new life. The Ford Mobile Company hopes to create something akin to San Francisco’s Ferry Terminal, where the depot would serve as a central gathering place for Detroiters. The project could create as many as 5,000 jobs.

Dan Gilbert and Bedrock

Dan Gilbert and Bedrock are currently building what will be the tallest building in Detroit. The new development will replace the old Hudson’s site and feature a tower with an observation deck, a multistory podium, and hotel, a food market, offices, and shops. The building, which should be done in either 2022 or 2023 could be as tall as 912 feet and have over a million square-feet of usable space. Dan Gilbert and Bedrock are also working on a development project in the area between Campus Martius and Greektown—a region that is largely vacant right now. The project, Monroe Blocks, will bring around 840,000 square-feet of office space and close to 500 residential units. There will also be retail space and a pedestrian walkway.

Little Caesars Headquarter

Despite some construction delays, Little Caesars new headquarters will most likely be complete by the end of the 2019. The eight-story campus will feature a flagship store, a test kitchen, a pizza garden, a fitness center, a theater, and more. At 235,000 square feet, the new headquarters is more than double the size of its current home location.

While there are other development projects underway, these are some of the most exciting projects that will likely transform the cityscape and create much needed job opportunities in the Detroit area.


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