Even if you don’t land a job, it can still be an opportunity to advance your construction career. That is especially true if you ask the recruiting agency for constructive feedback.

What are the best times to ask for constructive feedback?

Not every time you are turned down for a job is a good time to ask for feedback. While you will likely get some input regardless of the situation, the benefit is minimal if you were rejected early on. At that point, you likely didn’t have the right experience or skills.

But asking for constructive feedback later in the process will give you more insight. This can help you improve your interview skills or enhance your construction skills in a particular area.

That said, it can be worth asking for feedback in nearly any situation. After all, any insider knowledge can increase your chances of landing the next construction job you will apply for.

Why Ask the Recruiting Agency

It’s common to wonder who to ask for feedback after an unsuccessful application. There are a few options, but the most suitable choice is the recruiting agency. Their expertise in the field will give you valuable insight into building your career.

Remember that the recruiter likely gathered feedback from the hiring company. They can also give you feedback about your application. More importantly, the recruiter knows about more than just the one job you applied for; they also have deep knowledge of the construction industry.

How to Ask for Feedback

Before you think about requesting feedback, consider two critical things about timing your request for feedback. First, do it after you are turned down for a role. Secondly, you can ask over email. This reduces the pressure, as the recruiter won’t feel put on the spot. It also makes it easy for them to go into as much detail as they want.

As you write your request, keep the following in mind:

  • Thankthe recruiter for their time.
  • Askfor feedback, but don’t demand it.
  • Trynot to sound defensive.
  • Onlyask if the recruiter can provide meaningful feedback.
  • Knowthat you are requesting some of their time, so be considerate.

If you don’t get a response right away, that’s fine. Remember that you can’t demand feedback. You can, however, send another gentle reminder if you don’t receive a response in a given amount of time. Persistence can be useful, as long as you are professional and not overly pushy.

What About Accepting the Feedback?

Before asking for feedback, make sure you can handle whatever you will hear. Don’t take it personally. In other words, you need not think of it as something you’ve done wrong. Instead, view it from the perspective of finding a more suitable construction company or role for you.


Asking for feedback from the construction recruiter can provide you with some valuable insights. Be respectful when asking for feedback, and make sure to phrase it as a request, not a demand.

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