Employee retention in the construction industry is central to ongoing success, capturing market share and ongoing growth.  Boosting employee retention has become that much more challenging since the start of the pandemic and the rise of lucrative tech jobs.  If your construction business is struggling to hire and retain employees, you should know you are not alone.  Put your faith in a construction industry recruiter, boost your health benefits, provide additional forms of positive reinforcement and your employee retention rate will gradually increase.

Construction Employees Covet Extensive Health Benefits

Construction industry health benefits have the potential to make the difference between retaining valued employees and losing them to the competition.  Every construction business owner, manager and recruiter should be aware that most employees always assume the grass will be greener on the other side.

Though job-hopping doesn’t always benefit employees, it certainly proves detrimental to construction businesses.  You can do your part to retain your hardworking contributors by offering comprehensive benefits.

Improve Health Benefits in the Construction Industry Today

The clock is ticking on your construction business.  Fail to perform an honest review of your health benefits and your business will be at a significant competitive disadvantage in the context of human capital.  However, merely analyzing health benefits is not enough in and of itself.

Make the necessary alterations to improve health benefits in the construction industryand you’ll retain a higher percentage of employees.  Most importantly, regular healthcare benefit reviews and strategic improvements make headway in maintaining goodwill with your most valued “rainmaker” contributors that perform the all-important heavy lifting both in terms of physical and mental labor.

Why Healthcare Matters to Construction Employees

It is no secret that working in the field of construction requires:

  • Physical strength
  • Toughness
  • Grit
  • Determination
  • Medical treatment

The hardworking men and women who sacrifice their bodies to build the structures we all need and use for a functional society deserve comprehensive healthcare benefits.  Society’s unwritten social contract makes it clear that private enterprise as opposed to governmental bodies are to cover some or all of the cost of employee healthcare.  The onus of affordable healthcare ultimately falls on healthcare companies such as yours. Improve health benefits in the construction industry and your contributors really will prove that much more loyal and dedicated to your company now and also in the months and years ahead.

Healthcare benefits are important for reasons beyond maintaining physical and mental health.  Health is intricately tied to job satisfaction.  Employees who are content with their healthcare benefits are that much more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and also more likely to remain with the business for years or even decades.

According to a 2022 Quest Diagnostics study dubbed 2022 Health at Work, two-thirds of construction industry workers consider job-hopping within a year or less.  The enhancement of construction worker health benefits proves mutually beneficial to both employers and employees as a healthy workforce is more productive and also more likely to remain with the business in the years ahead.

The Need for Healthcare Benefits has Never Been Greater

The coronavirus pandemic combined with the society-wide increase in sedentary living has heightened the need for healthcare.  Construction business owners, managers and recruiters are now recognizing the somewhat startling fact that some prospective industry employees as well as current employees are more concerned with healthcare benefits than financial compensation.  The CDC reports the demand for mental health benefits jumped more than 30% in between the summer of 2019 and the start of 2021.

Seize the opportunity to make your company more competitive to potential hires with the addition of comprehensive mental health benefits, no-cost virtual counseling, affordable copayments for mental health services and traditional healthcare services.  Make these changes and you’ll find your hardworking contributors are that much more likely to remain with your construction company for the long haul.

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