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Nonresidential Construction Starts Fall 25%, Quality Hires Become More Critical

You want candidates that can tackle problems that come their way. Asking about past projects will give you insight into how they navigate through challenges and how they will work with your company.

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Diversity and Inclusion in Construction Becomes Priority for Construction Companies

It is well-established that increased diversity at a company means better results for the company's bottom line and culture. Having different perspectives and backgrounds means that companies can better understand a variety of customers and view problems and solutions differently than they have in the past. So, what can your construction firm do to improve diversity and inclusion in your organization?

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Why Construction Superintendents Tend to Like Their Jobs

Whether you are thinking of a career in construction or are a recruiter in search of a construction superintendent, understanding why people in this role like their job is crucial. Those considering this career can use that knowledge to consider a path toward becoming a superintendent. Those recruiting for the role can [...]

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Current Positions in Demand & Types of Candidates in Demand

Although construction recruiters are always searching for candidates to fill a variety of positions, currently there is a growing demand for particular roles within development companies. Organizations are recognizing that the market is expanding. This uptick in development translates to more projects on the horizon, so firms are planning ahead by making [...]

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Looking Back to Look Forward: Wrapping up Our 50th Year

The Birmingham Group became pioneers of the executive search niche back in 1967. Although we're proud to conclude our 50th year of successful growth helping our clients achieve their dreams, we're also grateful for the amazing clients we get to work with every day. They have helped us become one of the [...]

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Spotlight on Healthcare Construction

The population continues to climb in the United States along with the number of elderly people requiring medical care. As healthcare construction recruiters, we see how the healthcare construction industry continues to progress in an effort to meet a growing demand for quality medical services. The way that healthcare is delivered to [...]

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5 Things Never to Say at Work

Working in a commercial construction job can be extremely rewarding and satisfying. Yet, it's still possible for employees to experience less than perfect days for a variety of reasons. From weather delays to being shorthanded at a job site, it's not uncommon for those working construction jobs to vent their frustrations to [...]

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6 Strategies to Motivate Your Construction Team Through Good Leadership

Landing the best candidates for your commercial construction jobs should always be a main priority. But, in order to experience long-term success in any industry, you also need to keep those candidates motivated and inspired by providing them with good leadership. Whether it's on the construction site or in the office, good [...]

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What’s New in the Oil and Gas Industry?

From artificial intelligence (AI) to the variables affecting oil prices, there are some interesting changes taking place in the oil and gas industry. Here are some of the most recent developments. What’s Affecting Oil Prices? Advisors have predicted prices to average $62.50/bbl for the week of November 6, 2017. The average indicated [...]

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