A common misconception among many people is that a career in construction includes hard work with little opportunity for advancement. While commercial construction professionals do work hard, the ones who also work smart get promoted and see the lucrative benefits of their effort. What are those professionals doing differently than the rest? Here are some smart strategies to ensure you get recognized and promoted by your construction firm’s leadership.

  • Show up. Start early. Work late.

    Employees who are advancing are those who show motivation. Don’t hesitate to take on extra assignments. Consider joining a committee at work and becoming more involved. Too many employees settle into a state of complacency and simply blend in with their coworkers. They forget that it takes going above and beyond to get noticed by their manager and promoted to that next level. If you become indispensable to the firm, then they will be more likely to offer you a promotion, or they’ll lose you to the competition.

  • Communicate regularly with your manager.

    Know what they’re looking for and make sure you’re delivering. Setting regular milestones, rather than annual performance goals, can be an effective strategy for advancing with a company. Instead of demanding a promotion from your boss, focus more on earning your boss’s respect through the contribution you’re making. Deliver on your promises and get it done!

  • Be a problem solver.

    One thing is for certain, things will go wrong; the important thing is to learn how to help get things back on track when they do. Be a creative problem solver and remain curious by asking questions. Staying calm in the face of turmoil is a well sought-after trait.

  • Concentrate on safety.

    Employees who are known for cutting corners and breaking safety regulations will have a difficult time getting promoted. Make safety a priority and let you manager see that you can abide by the highest level of safety regulations and still be get projects completed effectively.

  • Look to bring everything in on budget and on time.

    Getting projects done on budget and on time should be your primary goals. Completing most projects under budget and early is always ideal and will definitely put you on the direct path to a promotion. Even though certain delays are inevitable on some job projects, you’ll be judged by how you successfully overcome them.

  • Become a “seller-doer.”

    You should always be referring your company to new clients in hopes of expanding the business. The owners are more likely to promote employees who advocate for their business. Project managers, construction estimators and even superintendents can make excellent “seller-doers.”

There’s never been a better time to enter or advance in the construction industry. Working with the right construction recruiters can even give you an advantage by opening you to opportunities you wouldn’t know about otherwise. You could end up getting a great offer to work in your dream job. Then, working hard and smart along the way will help you get promoted.

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