Knowing the right people can make the difference between settling into a job that is less than ideal and finding the perfect one for you. The following tips can help you expand your network to make that difference, whether you want construction careers or are in another industry.

Schedule Weekly Lunch Meetings

Scheduling weekly or monthly lunch meetings with people in your network to better know you is a great idea. This will help you build a deeper network while also letting the contacts do the same. Think of weekly or monthly meetings as a chance to build your network before you need the other person’s expertise.


Another excellent way to expand your network is to volunteer your time. Choose a cause that you feel passionate about, and you will have fun while giving back to the community and expanding your network. As a bonus, volunteering tends to attract a more diverse range of people than you may find at your regular job. This can be incredibly helpful if you learn about construction recruiting, construction estimator jobs, or branch out into another field.


LinkedIn should always be a part of your networking plan. It is easy to use and makes you easier to find, whether you are in construction leadership or want a job that lets you take advantage of the skilled labor crisis. Many people still overlook the importance of LinkedIn, thinking of it as just a social media site. However, it does wonders for networking. You can use it for reviews, references, referrals, and introductions.

As a bonus, LinkedIn makes it easier to discover connections you may not realize that your acquaintances have. In just a few clicks, you can expand your network to include those in your networks’ network as well.

Leverage Your Alumni Network

You may not realize it, but your university’s alumni network is a great networking opportunity. You will automatically have a connection with everyone in the alumni network. This makes it easy to start a conversation. Most importantly, it connects you with people from various majors. You may even find a construction recruiter or someone who works as a recruiter in the field you want to enter.

Maintain While You Expand

After you expand your network, take the time to maintain it. Take the time to re-engage with them at least every few weeks. Ideally, you want to include in-person meetings or video calls with several people in your network who you think can help you. This face-to-face contact improves your ability to make and maintain connections with your network.

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