There is a high demand for many challenging and rewarding construction careers. This includes wastewater project management. Thus, the high demand translates into high salaries, making this a lucrative field.

The Average Wastewater Construction Project Manager Salary

The average wastewater construction project manager’s salary varies. Some sources say it is $126,000. It can typically be as low as $111,912 or up to $143,383. Another source says the average is $85,961. This source highlights a range of $50,230 to $128,440.

In either case, the role is highly paid. That tends to be the case with other construction leadership roles as well.

What Affects the Salary

The following factors affect the wastewater construction project manager’s salary:

  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Years of experience
  • Additional skills
  • Region

Responsibilities of the Role

Wastewater construction project managers complete similar tasks to those in other construction segments. They:

  • Plan and execute projects
  • Stick to a project deadline
  • Report on project status
  • Stick to a project budget
  • Define project objectives
  • Oversee quality control
  • Order materials
  • Check deliverables
  • Look ahead to the future of the project

The role involves a lot of communication. Project managers for wastewater construction must coordinate with third-party contractors and team members. They need to work with contractors.

Communication is an especially important role of wastewater construction project managers. This is because they must communicate with people in multiple roles.

  • They talk to clients and stakeholders about expectations
  • Create business relationships with clients
  • They talk to workers about expectations, tasks, safety, and more
  • Motivate team members and workers
  • They talk to other team members about project planning
  • Talk to construction execs about budgets, deadlines, and status
  • Discuss budgets and resource costs with accounting
  • They may talk with marketing teams to help grow the company or industry

Typical Requirements

The requirements for a wastewater construction project manager rest on the company. Most will require:

  • A Bachelor of Science in a relevant field, such as engineering
  • Years of experience in wastewater construction
  • Years of experience in construction leadership roles
  • Computer skills, especially with Word, Excel, and Outlook

Some roles require 10years of experience. Others require less. However, some may provide exceptions to the Bachelor of Science requirement if you have enough experience.

Project managers also occasionally have to do the heavy lifting. They frequently walk on uneven terrain on construction sites.


The wastewater construction project manager’s salary has increased. The average is now close to $110,000, according to some sources. This is enough to provide a good quality of living. The role undoubtedly requires excellent communication skills. It also typically requires formal education and on-the-job experience.

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