Working in a commercial construction job can be extremely rewarding and satisfying. Yet, it’s still possible for employees to experience less than perfect days for a variety of reasons. From weather delays to being shorthanded at a job site, it’s not uncommon for those working construction jobs to vent their frustrations to those around them. It’s important to remember that you are part of a team and to remain positive when the going gets tough. Then, there are also some things that should never be said at work. Here are a few of those things.

1. “That’s not in my job description.”

Most job descriptions are only a snapshot of what is expected of you. It’s nearly impossible to include every single responsibility within a job description, so it’s inevitable to be assigned tasks that didn’t appear in your original job description. The construction industry is constantly changing due to new rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures. Stating “that’s not in my job description” will only show your ignorance and lack of willingness to adapt to your position. Instead, have a “can-do” attitude and complete those duties that aren’t in your job description to show that you are a flexible, driven employee that deserves a promotion.

2. “I’m looking for another job.”

Alternatively, show that you are ready to succeed in reaching the company’s goals. If you want to fix any grievances that you have with your current employer, then you’ll have a much better chance by not saying that you’re looking for other opportunities. Otherwise, they’ll think that it’s too late and will consider you expendable. Try to reach a compromise with them first.

3. “I hate it here.”

Don’t be hardheaded or petty; a good attitude goes a long way. Try to communicate negative issues with your boss and offer to provide potential solutions.

4. “If ABC happens again, I’m quitting.”

You’ll quickly lose the respect of your boss and colleagues.

5. “How much do you get paid?”

Salary discussions will either be demoralizing to yourself, or your coworkers upon learning who earns more than each other. A typical mistake made by some people is trying to use a coworker’s salary as a negotiating tool for a raise, which seldom, if ever works.

In addition, refrain from these behaviors at work:

  • Gossip

    Don’t engage in negative chatter about other coworkers or manager behind their back. Gossip is one of the most common denominators of a toxic work environment.

  • Discussing Future Plans

    Avoid talking about long term career plans that don’t include the present company. Focus on your current construction career path to show your dedication to the present company.

  • Commenting on Appearance

    Don’t ever make comments about a coworker’s appearance (good or bad). These trivial matters are considered major distractions and could cost you a raise or promotion. If they’re especially egregious they could cost you your job altogether.

It’s possible to become disgruntled no matter what niche of construction you work in; we all have bad days. Even though there’s a construction labor shortage, it’s necessary to remain professional and keep a positive attitude. Those candidates with tarnished reputations will struggle to land top construction jobs.

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