The holiday season is a time for generosity and showing your appreciation for those you care about. Your hard-working team is no exception. They are there day in and day out, helping the firm achieve its goals. It is important to promote a festive work environment during the holidays and take the time to show your employees that you appreciate them, so your employees don’t view you as a cold-hearted Scrooge. Here are some fun ways to appreciate your team during the holidays.

Office Potluck

A great way to get people into the spirit of giving is by hosting an office potluck. It could start with everyone in the office bringing their favorite appetizer or bring in candy, hot cocoa, decorations, and cookies. It can all culminate with a catered holiday lunch, or office day out that includes a team-building activity. Football and basketball themed days are popular during the holidays and encourages everybody to celebrate their favorite rivalries. A good sense of humor is a prerequisite for playing the White Elephant Gift game. Encourage your employees to give funny gifts is a fun way to lighten the mood around the office.

Charitable Giving

It’s a great idea for the whole office to pitch in on a charity. One way to do that is to decorate and auction off some Christmas Trees. After everyone adds their favorite ornaments, then you can auction off the trees with the proceeds going to a charity. Offices can also adopt a family for the holidays. Choose a family in need from the community to adopt and everyone can donate gifts or money. Request an item list from the family so everyone can contribute. Food or coat drives are also great ways to give during the holidays. Now is a good time to hold a friendly competition with other departments to see who can gather the most non-perishable food items, or even clothing, to donate back to the community.

The Office Party

Holiday office parties are still popular activities at many construction firms. Good construction leaders promote a professional atmosphere, so dress appropriately at your office party, and act as if you’re going to a work event. Moderation is a good thing. Getting drunk is a quick way to ruin your reputation. Just because it’s optional, unless you have a good reason not to go, you should make plans to attend even if it’s for a short time. It might be the only time that you get to mingle with colleagues and company executives that you otherwise don’t have access to.

You know your team better than anyone, so be sure to plan something that your team actually wants to do. Don’t make it stressful for those attending by making it a black tie event if your team is more of a casual group. As you get to know your team throughout the year, you’ll know what they like.



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