Nearly 1.5 million new construction workers will be needed to keep up with retiring workers and demand over the next decade. That increase in demand in the industry has many effects. Most notably, many companies are looking at how they hire and what they offer to potential employees. Here are a few benefits your company can improve to attract and retain construction talent.

Culture and Compensation to Attract Construction Talent

Of course, an excellent salary and vacation time will help you attract and keep the best construction talent. Pay attention to construction salary trends. Then, make sure to keep your pay at the upper end of the scale to have more people applying. Offering the best pay your company can is a reliable way to attract better talent. Improving company culture with picnics, catered lunches, and events helps to boost morale. This also applies to helping your staff climb the career ladder. Consider better benefits for your company. The following are some advantages those in construction careers would like to see: a company vehicle, 401(k), paid vacations and holidays, paid cell phones, allowing for a casual work environment and dress code, paid sick leave, disability insurance, and even life insurance.

Provide Career Development and Provide Mentorship to Construction Talent

Companies that have solid mentorship programs and career development attract more applicants. Workers are more likely to stay if they have a trustworthy mentor or a purpose-driven workplace. Construction leaders take note. Provide free training, ready access to all safety training, and leads on growing their career. Supplement this with incentives for your employees to make use of the free training. This is a proven way to get more applicants.

Personalized Advantages for Retaining Construction Talent

Understand that the people applying to your company are individuals. Maybe everyone is not a single parent but consider that one potential employee. For them, having flexible hours or childcare available is crucial. It can be the difference between their applying and sticking around or not. Those in construction recruiting should pay attention to what matters most to any potential employee.

Having Excellent Technology & Equipment Appeals to Construction Talent

One of the top ways to attract talent during a skilled labor crisis is to make sure your company works with the leading equipment and technology. This will also help you when attracting new clients. Clients and employees do not want to be involved with a place that has broken equipment. The same goes for aged tools that do not function well or technology from the stone age. Take inventory of what your company is working with. Make some adjustments in the right direction. Your applicant list will start to grow.

Experts agree that those involved with construction recruiting are seeing a labor shortage. When considering why you have not hired or retained new employees, study what you are offering and who you are working with. Look at competitors who are getting new employees and keeping them. You will see some areas where your company can improve.

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