Whether you are a construction recruiter or a worker searching for your next job, it is wise to learn about construction salary trends and responsibilities for construction managers. The following information will give you a better idea of what companies want from a construction manager.

Construction Manager Skills

Because of the skilled labor crisis, construction managers may work with a lot of new construction workers. As such, they must have their own experience in construction to help them guide these new workers. At a minimum, most employers want a construction manager to have at least five years of construction experience.

The knowledge of construction managers must go beyond construction basics. It also needs to include quality standards, regulations, rules, and more. Because of the range of skills required, most job listings require construction managers to have a BA or MA in a relevant field. Examples can include construction management, civil engineering, or architecture.

Construction managers also need management and leadership skills in addition to those related to construction.

Construction managers should also have time management, human resources management, and crisis management skills. They should be able to see the project as a big picture. They should also be excellent communicators.

Construction Manager Responsibilities

One of the primary responsibilities of construction managers is overseeing as well as directing construction projects. This occurs throughout the project’s entire life cycle, from when the team first conceives it to when you finish the project.

In addition to general management duties, construction managers oversee all the processes with compliance and safety in mind.

This type of construction leadership role also includes an in-depth review of the project to estimate costs and timelines.

As part of the role, construction managers will review progress daily and weekly. They may also prepare reports for others involved in the project outlining the progress. This process helps ensure that the progress meets regulations and standards. It also has the goal of providing the project sticks to the timeline and budget.

Construction managers are also in charge of inventory and maintaining construction standards. This type of construction leadership typically implements quality control programs. Their inventory responsibilities typically include buying materials or directing someone else to do so.

Construction managers also commonly prepare and negotiate contracts. They work closely with contractors and subcontractors, as well as with property and building owners.

Construction Manager Salary

On average, construction managers earn about $85,307 to $95,260 per year, although some estimates put the average closer to $115,000. As with any other construction salary, it varies based on location, project, experience, and other factors.

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