If you want productive construction talent who will stay with you for the long-term, you need to ensure they are engaged with their work and the company. Employees that are engaged have more job satisfaction and are less likely to quit. It used to be common for people to stay with the same company for thirty years. Now it’s hard to keep talent in the same spot for five. Here are four ways you can increase engagement and, in turn, retention.

Recognize Their Accomplishments

Skilled employees certainly want to be compensated fairly, yet what really improves employee retention is recognition. Employees want to know that the work they do contributes to the company’s overall success. They want to feel like they’re making a difference. They won’t be engaged if they feel like the work they do is meaningless. You need to give them consistent praise and encouragement. Show them that you value them and give them a clear understanding about how their work contributes to the firm’s overall objectives. You also want to recognize positive habits and characteristics that your employees have. This will build their confidence and encourage them to continue expressing those traits.

Help Them Set Attainable Goals

Achieving goals keeps people motivated. While this may seem like common sense, it is important to realize that not everyone knows how to set attainable goals. Many construction professionals are thinking about long-term career objectives. Help them set realistic goals and do your part to help them achieve those goals. It’s important to avoid setting goals that are overly ambitious to avoid disappointed. Employees need to feel their potential for career advancement and success. This is one of the best ways to promote employment longevity.

Provide Effective Tools

People in the construction industry value their equipment. Having the right technology will allow employees to be more productive. Making sure your firm is providing the right tools your project managers and estimators need to work efficiently is critical. Be sure to ask them what they need to perform at their best. While some gadgets might be expensive, it is worth it if the technology increases productivity. The increased job satisfaction is an added bonus.

Offer Flexibility

Employees respond positively to flexibility in the workplace. Self-motivation is generally a more powerful tool than external prodding. Most employees want to do their best, so if you give them a task and free reign to do the task on their terms, they will perform the task in a timely manner. More companies are allowing a flexible schedule or allowing remote work on certain days. People enjoy having a sense of control and this sense of autonomy will keep them satisfied longer. Also, being flexible when employees need time off for an appointment or unexpected events is essential.

In today’s market, it’s challenging to keep talented employees in your firm. Younger generations are more open to change and will risk their job security to find more satisfaction. The best thing you can do is listen to your employees, understand their needs, and try to accommodate them while also meeting the firm’s goals.

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