It is no secret that there has been a hiring spree since the world has gradually emerged from the coronavirus pandemic.  Though the pandemic is not completely over, the end appears to be nearing and life as we know it is gradually returning to normal.

Baby boomers exited the workforce in droves during the pandemic, leaving employers short-staffed and in desperate need of contributors.  Though the economy as a whole appears to be transitioning to a business cycle trough, the record backlog figures in the construction industry indicate orders won’t be slowing down any time soon.  Let’s take a look at why the record backlog means hiring is likely to continue.

Why a Backlog Means Hiring is High Priority

The construction industry’s record backlog is the result of several factors.  For one, the ongoing labor shortage has stalled some projects that would have been completed on time if construction businesses could fill all the roles they need filled.

Add in the heightened consumer spending combined with the built-up momentum from projects that were paused during the pandemic and the excessive backlog is that much easier to understand.  Furthermore, funding was lost amidst the shuffle, meaning certain projects were:

  • Canceled
  • Delayed
  • Put on pause
  • Potentially completed at a lower standard

Though backlog tracking and management was not neglected prior to the pandemic, it wasn’t put in the spotlight at nearly the same frequency as before.  Now that the pandemic is transitioning to the rearview mirror and the economy is beginning to function relatively normally, there is a boom in demand for construction services.  The challenge lies in construction company owners, managers and Superintendents keeping their finger on the pulse of their backlog and reacting accordingly.

Construction Industry Backlog Basics

Construction backlogs are not always the easiest subject to develop a mastery of, especially for those looking to break into the industry.  Both construction industry employees and business owners can benefit from the assistance of a recruiter who connects them for a mutually beneficial outcome.  Part of pinpointing the optimal candidates for open construction industry positions such as Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent is identifying those with elite management and leadership skills.

Managing a construction backlog requires both people and numbers management.  Experience, diligence and analysis are necessary to predict the pace of workflow and successfully manage the backlog as new challenges inevitably rise.  Ideally, the backlog will be managed to the point that new customers are not hesitant to hop on board and wait in line in the queue behind others.

The Record Backlog Means Hiring is Likely to Continue

The key takeaway from this ongoing development is to view the record backlog as an opportunity to generate additional revenue through a potentially invaluable work pipeline.  Both construction employers and employees stand to benefit from the record backlog as it represents an opportunity for financial gain.

The challenge lies in establishing the right balance between projects underway and those waiting to be undertaken in the near future.  Strive for balance and your team will be able to move forward one day at a time with confidence and comfort.

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