Today more than ever, if you want to grow in the current economy, you need to partner with a search firm to build your dream team of the best construction talent. Companies that partner with a qualified search professional are able to land great talent while also developing successful growth strategies. Construction recruiters who are market masters work at a higher level by consulting on growth and business development based on their deep industry knowledge. They are able to show you options in the market that you may not have considered along with steps on how to bring them to fruition. Only about 5% of recruiters reach what I would call market master status. It’s important that you ask the right questions to see if a search professional is a true market master before partnering with them.

Advise on Growth Strategies

Market master recruiters differentiate themselves from others by having a clear picture of what’s going on in the industry. Part of their process involves gathering industry intel by putting feelers out on talent possibilities by calling other construction managers. This enables them to consult at a much higher level than average construction recruiters. They maintain a deep understanding of growth strategies, division expansion and what’s in demand in the market place. Their insight can be used to help your company grow instead of focusing on a singular hire.

Consult on Business Model

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with a market master is that they are able to advise clients on re-engineering their growth model to meet the demands of the current market. They know what’s on the horizon in the industry. They can explain the pros and cons regarding filling a role vs. establishing a strategic business model. It’s a wise investment because oftentimes, clients discover that they can build a whole new division or model based on their search partner =s advice. Search partners can give examples of exactly what they need to do to expand or grow in the direction they are looking to.

Connections to Decision Makers

Seasoned search consultants have direct lines of contact with CEOs and other higher-level decision makers. This makes the process more fluid as they are able to move things forward without getting stuck in HR. You’re doing a disservice to the company if you’re working with a competent recruiter, but they’re not able to talk to the person who’s the decision maker to move things forward.

Theory vs. Real World

Although they’re few and far between, a market master can provide you with more knowledge about the industry than some of the highest paid consultants. They’ve communicated with senior and middle management professionals every day for decades to get to where they are. They can convey to candidates that you have an exciting opportunity, and by advising clients on salaries, they can help you make it worth the candidate’s time in this competitive market.

Finding and Vetting a Market Master

If you do a little research, then you can find out exactly who the market masters are. Look for recruiters that are tenured and steeped in industry experience. What are they doing in the industry? Research their website and online presence. Are they writing on relevant industry topics? Check to see if they have even been published in trade magazines. By doing your research and asking the right questions, you can find a market master who can help your company grow and attract the best talent.


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