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Critical Construction Trends Employers Should Know About

Construction employers have to stay on top of the industry trends. After all, these trends help determine how many new employees you need to hire, as well as the skills to look for. Explore some of the construction trends employers should know about to make informed hiring decisions. The Pandemic’s Effect on [...]

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How to Attract More Women to the Construction Field

Since the construction industry has been heavily dominated by males for so many years, women might be reluctant at first to even consider working in construction jobs. Yet, a growing number of organizations are focusing more of their resources on recruiting women into this profession because they make up at least half [...]

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What’s New in Commercial Construction

At the Birmingham Group, we strive to keep you up-to-date regarding current events and trends in commercial construction. From hurricanes inflating the cost of building materials to new laws being introduced by OSHA, here are a few noteworthy events that made the news recently. Hurricanes Inflating Construction Costs Regrettably, the price of gasoline [...]

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