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Interviewers Love It When Construction Candidates Follow Up After the Interview

Everyone has at least one interview at some point in their life, and when your turn comes, following up with the interviewer afterward is crucial. Generally, there are three times you can send an email their way. One follow-up email, one check-in email, and then another to keep in touch. Why Should [...]

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Essential Preparation for Construction Interviews

The more prepared and organized you are before construction interviews, the better the odds of receiving better offers. Something else to keep in mind is that showing enthusiasm for the opportunity often means more to some hiring managers than having outstanding credentials and prior work experience. Practicing interview questions is one of [...]

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Construction Interview Tips: Turn Your Strengths into Stories

One of the most important interview questions that candidates are asked during interviews is regarding their strengths and weaknesses. Hiring managers use this along with a variety of other questions to determine who the best fit for the job will be. If you want to stand out from everybody else, then you [...]

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Behavioral Questions Construction Companies Need to Use

It may be hard to have a detailed description of the employee you are hiring prior to the interview process. This is why some business organizations, not only construction companies, should use behavioral questions to have better insight into whom they are giving their work to. It is important for construction companies [...]

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Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer for a Construction Interview

With the skilled labor shortage (now so more than ever due to the pandemic), this is the perfect time to enter construction careers or to look for a way to advance an existing one. However, applicants should be familiar with the most common questions during construction interviews. Meanwhile, construction recruiters need to [...]

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Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting in the Construction Industry

Even with the skilled labor crisis, those searching for construction careers have to put their best foot forward if they want to land a job. Whether you want construction estimator jobs, construction leadership roles, or other positions, there are some mistakes you should avoid.   Avoid Not Using Technology During Your Job [...]

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Oil and Gas Construction: How New Regulations are Impacting the Industry

Mother nature isn’t the only thing with enough power to hold back progress in the construction industry. For better or for worse, permitting, and government regulations continue to expand across North America, often resulting in significant delays to some of the biggest building projects. The energy industry is just one of the [...]

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How Candidates Can Effectively Work with a Recruiter

Working with a construction recruiter can help you find jobs at companies that align with your values, but how you interact with the recruiter is an important part of making sure the experience has the outcomes you desire. An important first step is building a rapport with a recruiter before you actually [...]

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Top Tips for Interviewing Candidates

Interviewing candidates can be an intimidating task, even for seasoned hiring managers. You have to evaluate talent and pinpoint those who have the same values as the company while also presenting the company in the best possible light. Your words and actions have the potential to win a candidate over or to [...]

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Awkward Job Interviews

Despite the fact that a majority of interviews may go off without a hitch, there are those times when things turn awkward. Yet it’s still important for candidates and hiring managers to remain as professional as possible throughout the entire process even when they encounter those difficult situations. If you’re searching for [...]

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