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Navigating the Flood: The Challenge of Sifting Through Construction Job Responses

The construction industry is currently navigating through an unprecedented paradox: despite an abundance of job postings, finding the right candidate has become akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. This scenario presents a unique challenge for employers who are keen to fill positions with qualified candidates but are faced with an overwhelming response to job postings.

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The Impact of Decreased Nonresidential Construction Spending on Hiring Trends

The construction sector recently witnessed a notable shift: a  decrease in nonresidential construction spending. This change ends a 17-month period of consistent growth, ushering in new dynamics for the industry, particularly in hiring and employment. Understanding these changes is crucial for construction companies and recruiters.

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Diversity and Inclusion in Construction Becomes Priority for Construction Companies

It is well-established that increased diversity at a company means better results for the company's bottom line and culture. Having different perspectives and backgrounds means that companies can better understand a variety of customers and view problems and solutions differently than they have in the past. So, what can your construction firm do to improve diversity and inclusion in your organization?

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For Construction Companies Looking to Hire Millennials

Construction companies attempting to recruit millennials will need to keep several important things in mind. While this generation wants many similar things from their job as previous generations, there are also some notable differences. Overcoming the Stigma That Construction Jobs Have Low Salaries One of the major challenges facing companies in search [...]

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Construction Recruiters Are a Huge Asset for Companies in a Red-hot Market

It is no secret that the search for construction talent is a red-hot market. The skilled labor shortage has made the market highly competitive from the standpoint of employers. One of the biggest assets construction companies can use to help them find the best talent is construction recruiters. Construction Recruiters Gather Data [...]

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Construction Recruitment Strategies Every Construction Company Should Know

While most construction companies focus on building a brand to attract clients, you also want to make your brand attract employees. After all, you need to give potential employees a reason to choose your company instead of other opportunities. Before the pandemic, there was already a skilled labor crisis, making it hard [...]

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How to Hire the Best Talent in the Construction Industry

The labor crisis in the construction industry means that hiring managers need to find new ways to expand their methods for hiring new candidates. The tactics you relied on in the past do not cut it anymore. There is too much competition. Here are some tips that will help you find highly [...]

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How Candidates Can Effectively Work with a Recruiter

Working with a construction recruiter can help you find jobs at companies that align with your values, but how you interact with the recruiter is an important part of making sure the experience has the outcomes you desire. An important first step is building a rapport with a recruiter before you actually [...]

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3 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Hiring Process

Construction firms that have the most streamlined hiring process are able to attract and retain staff better than those that don’t. If your interview process is structured, then the odds of making the right hiring decisions increase. Start by describing your opportunity and think about your ideal candidate. Successful construction recruiters always [...]

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How to Improve Worksite Safety in the Construction Field

Construction jobs often entail a degree of risk. The potential for injury is greater than in other fields that require less machinery and manual labor. Most companies, however, recognize the risk and try to minimize it. Identifying, evaluating, and controlling potential hazards are the keys to risk management. Safety Expectations There are [...]

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