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What to Look for in a Project Manager for Healthcare Construction and Oil and Gas

There are several traits you want to keep in mind when looking for a new Healthcare Construction Manager. To start, potential candidates will need to have completed basic education. This is a bachelor’s degree in areas such as nursing, health management, and health administration. Your candidate could also have a degree in [...]

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Healthcare Construction Companies and Construction Salaries Continue to See Opportunities for Growth

Construction companies that focus on healthcare buildings have already experienced growth throughout the pandemic. This provides opportunities for those in search of competitive construction salaries, as well as for construction firms looking for projects to take on. Moreover, it looks like these opportunities are continuing to surface for construction professionals. How the [...]

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A Recruiting Success Story: Growth Potential Realized

There are many different reasons why construction companies can experience stagnant growth periods, but one critical cause is not hiring the right people at the right time. Here’s a recruiting success story where we helped a firm grow to the next level of success they wanted to reach. A Company in Transition [...]

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Spotlight on Healthcare Construction

The population continues to climb in the United States along with the number of elderly people requiring medical care. As healthcare construction recruiters, we see how the healthcare construction industry continues to progress in an effort to meet a growing demand for quality medical services. The way that healthcare is delivered to [...]

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How Have the Recent Hurricanes Impacted Construction?

Although 2005 holds the record for number of hurricanes within a given season at 15, it appears that 2017 will also go down in history as one of the worst all-time active hurricane seasons. 2017 saw multiple Category 5 storms that resulted in billions of dollars in damages. In addition to rising [...]

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