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Apprenticeships Become More Popular Due to Labor Crunch in Construction

The U.S. Department of Labor, recognizing the acute need for skilled labor in industries like construction, proposed a rule on December 14 that aims to modernize the registered apprenticeship program. This move, seen as a crucial step towards addressing the current labor crunch in the construction sector, intends to enhance labor standards and worker protections, while promoting apprenticeship pathways more effectively.

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Is the Construction Industry Experiencing a Labor Shortage?

It is no secret that there is a labor shortage in the construction industry. Even so, not everyone is clear on the impact of this shortage or how it arose. Whether you are a construction recruiter or you want to enter the industry and need a better understanding of construction careers, it [...]

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Current Positions in Demand in Commercial Construction

Commercial construction careers are as robust as they've ever been thanks to a strong U.S. economy. Yet, firms around the country continue to face staff and labor shortages leaving some of the most crucial positions in demand in commercial construction. We continue to consult with industry executives concerning the skilled labor crisis [...]

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Don’t Procrastinate: In This Market You Need to Think About Hiring

With engineering and construction unemployment rates at a record low, you should start thinking about hiring now. In other markets, you may have been able to wait to start the hiring process and it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but in this employment environment there’s no room to procrastinate. As [...]

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How to Hire the Best Talent in the Construction Industry

The labor crisis in the construction industry means that hiring managers need to find new ways to expand their methods for hiring new candidates. The tactics you relied on in the past do not cut it anymore. There is too much competition. Here are some tips that will help you find highly [...]

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The Secrets of a Successful Company Culture

There is little worse than a company wrought with corporate politics and unsure leadership where there’s a poor working atmosphere and its every person for themselves. Companies should find ways to build a reputation as “the” place to work. Having a positive company culture goes a long way toward reaching that goal. [...]

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How to Gauge Emotional Intelligence During the Interview

Finding qualified candidates for construction careers can be challenging during a skilled labor crisis. Although many candidates might look good on paper based upon their dependability, education, and previous accomplishments, their soft-skills might not be the best fit for the mission of your organization. So, a growing number of employers seek candidates [...]

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