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Industry Trends Impacting Oil and Gas Energy Construction

Whether you search for construction jobs in the oil and gas energy sector or a construction company working in that sector, it is smart to be aware of the relevant industry trends. Companies can use this information to make projections for the future, decide how many people to hire, and determine salaries. [...]

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Oil and Gas Construction: How New Regulations are Impacting the Industry

Mother nature isn’t the only thing with enough power to hold back progress in the construction industry. For better or for worse, permitting, and government regulations continue to expand across North America, often resulting in significant delays to some of the biggest building projects. The energy industry is just one of the [...]

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Oil and Gas Construction: Interview Tips for Candidates

Candidates who are considering a career in the construction industry are likely privy to the ongoing labor crisis. Since construction professionals are in constant demand, creating a sharp resume should be the first step when searching for a construction job. A good resume provides potential candidates with an opportunity to make a [...]

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Rewards of Working in the Oil and Gas Construction Field

If you’re searching for a rewarding career after graduating high school, or even college, then working in the oil and gas construction field can provide you with a variety of perks that are difficult to find in other jobs. Employees working in this trade are quick to point out the benefits. Camaraderie [...]

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3 Trends in Oil and Gas Construction

The oil and gas construction industry continues to progress as leaders seek innovative ways to improve distribution, safety and even expand certain sectors. Here are some of the most recent trends impacting this industry. 1. Midstream Growth There has been significant growth in midstream sector of Oil & Gas. Some geographic areas [...]

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4 Tips to Attract Talent in Oil and Gas Construction

As many workers from previous generations retire, leaders in the oil and gas construction industry are searching for new ways to recruit fresh talent. If you are wondering what steps you can take to attract professionals to the oil and gas construction industry, here are some tips to consider. Setting Expectations An [...]

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