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Resignation Tips for Construction Employees

It can be intimidating to give notice that you are resigning from your job. This is especially true in the construction industry, where there is a labor shortage. But you should be able to resign without worries – and without ruining your reputation in the industry. The following resignation tips for construction [...]

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Now is the Time to Land a Great Opportunity in Construction

On the one hand, the construction industry is booming. On the other hand, the industry also faces a substantial labor shortage. This makes it the ideal time to find a great opportunity in construction. Whether you’re looking to enter the career for the first time, or your looking to advance your career, [...]

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Getting Ready to Resign? Here are Some Tips to Make it Easier on Everyone

Even when you’re exciting by your new job opportunity or career path, leaving your old construction job is never easy. There is a lot of emotion on both ends. You probably have friends you’re reluctant to leave behind and you might be leaving your manager in a bind. Meanwhile, coworkers will likely [...]

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Why Accepting a Counteroffer Is Career Suicide

Should a candidate accept a counteroffer? Based on my vast experience in recruiting, working with both clients and candidates, I would say “No!” Some may say that every situation is unique and you can't generalize, but I disagree. You may be wondering why I have this opinion. Here are a few reasons. [...]

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Tips for an Easy Resignation

For candidates who changing positions, delivering a resignation can be a daunting task. It involves confronting your manager with news that may seem sudden or unexpected. Yet you know that to progress to the next phase of your career it’s something that must be done. How do you make it as comfortable [...]

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