Trends in the Construction Industry

Most Construction Companies Don’t Know How to Incorporate AI

The construction sector finds itself at a pivotal crossroads. A staggering 71% of organizations lack clear guidelines on the integration of AI technologies into their operations, according to recent reports.

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The Role of AI and IT in Revolutionizing Construction Productivity

The construction industry has historically lagged behind others in productivity gains. A research paper from the University of Chicago highlights a startling contrast: since 1950, construction productivity has seen a decline, while industries like manufacturing have experienced a ninefold increase. There are clear reasons behind this disparity and ways modern technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) and Information Technology (IT), is starting to bridge the gap.

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The Great Resignation Presents Opportunity for Construction Industry

The construction industry is facing a labor shortage. With fewer young people entering the sector and baby boomers retiring, there are already numerous unfilled jobs. Now, the Great Resignation is further complicating things. Still, for savvy construction companies, the Great Resignation is an opportunity to recruit skilled workers.

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Construction Recruiters Reveal Hiring Trends in Industry

The low unemployment rates in construction are good for workers but challenging for companies. Hiring managers find themselves facing an increasingly challenging task of attracting and retaining talent. Experts predict continued challenges in hiring across all construction roles and levels. But being aware of industry hiring trends can help companies overcome those [...]

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Why Your Company Values Matter

Whether in construction or any other industry, it is important to have clear company values. Sometimes, those values get pushed to the side, or their importance is underestimated. However, company values help create shared motivation and goals. Having core values ensures that everyone in the company is on the same page. Construction [...]

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Warehouses and Infrastructure Experienced a Boost in New Construction

There really hasn’t been a better time to be in construction, as the industry is experiencing one of the biggest boons of the century. It is no secret that COVID-19 affected nearly everything, including the construction industry, leaving some companies surging ahead and other companies closing their doors. Those companies that couldn’t [...]

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Steel Estimator Jobs Are More Important Than Ever

When you estimate steel, you are in the position of influence. The effectiveness of an infrastructure or construction project relates to how effective its estimator is. Improved profit margins and cost control are big ideals and are reached through competitive and accurate project estimates. The best tools a professional estimator can access [...]

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Construction and Engineering Mergers and Acquisitions at All Time High

Construction and engineering mergers and acquisition reached record highs last year and the sector continues to see incredible activity this year. These trends demonstrate the strength of the construction market, but also means firms need to rethink their hiring strategies. Merger and Acquisition Trends Between 2010 and 2017, the annual number of [...]

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Current Positions in Demand in Commercial Construction

Commercial construction careers are as robust as they've ever been thanks to a strong U.S. economy. Yet, firms around the country continue to face staff and labor shortages leaving some of the most crucial positions in demand in commercial construction. We continue to consult with industry executives concerning the skilled labor crisis [...]

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