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Wastewater Construction Project Manager Salary Higher Due to Demand

There is a high demand for many challenging and rewarding construction careers. This includes wastewater project management. Thus, the high demand translates into high salaries, making this a lucrative field. The Average Wastewater Construction Project Manager Salary The average wastewater construction project manager's salary varies. Some sources say it is $126,000. It [...]

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Why Wastewater Operator Is a Hot Career in Construction Right Now

Wastewater operators are an often-overlooked career within the general construction industry, but the role is growing in popularity. This career can be profitable and satisfying, but it doesn’t get as much attention as other sectors, such as oil and gas. There Is a High Demand for Labor Companies currently have a high [...]

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Water and Wastewater Construction Trends

From public service to commercial applications, the water and wastewater industry will be hiring for upward of 700,000 construction jobs that will provide billions of dollars in personal income over the next several years. The Report Card for America's Infrastructure was recently published by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The [...]

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Spotlight on Water and Wastewater Construction

The water and wastewater construction industry continues to confront a variety of unique challenges. Not only is it dealing with the ongoing skilled labor crisis, but it is also tasked with renovating outdated infrastructure around the US. The industry must also meet a growing demand for more effective and efficient water delivery [...]

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Water and Wastewater Construction: Current Growth of Design-Build

A research study was recently conducted by the Water Design-Build Council (WDBC). The overall goal of the 2017 State of the Demand for Design-Build Delivery in the Water/Wastewater Sector was to establish an industry standard methodology for use on a regular, ongoing basis by assessing the demand for the use of design-build [...]

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