Whether you are a construction recruiter or someone looking to take advantage of the skilled labor crisis and begin a construction career, it helps to know what top construction managers look for in a new hire.

Construction Managers Look for Stability

Construction managers typically prefer to hire people who are serious about having a construction career for the long term. They do not want to replace employees every few years and train new people. Instead, they want the stability that comes with having reliable workers.

This also comes from the fact that construction leadership wants to build a relationship with the new hire. They want them treated like family.

Construction Managers Look for Experience

It should go without saying that construction recruiting teams prefer to hire people with at least some construction experience. The more relevant the experience is to the current project, the better.

With that in mind, good construction leadership recognizes that there is a labor crisis. As such, they will accept candidates without experience as long as they demonstrate a willingness to learn. However, this will vary based on the project and the skill level needed for it.

Construction Managers Look for Communication Skills

No matter the construction career, communication skills are necessary. Anyone in the industry needs to communicate well with coworkers, both in writing and verbally. Communication is crucial for any role in construction. For example, construction estimator jobs require employees to explain why they made the estimate they did. Those working on construction sites must understand instructions and know-how to communicate their questions.

Construction Managers Don’t Look for the Ideal Candidate

Savvy construction leadership recognizes that there is not necessarily a perfect candidate. They may have a list of traits that they prefer, but they are flexible. They will overlook having less experience than preferred or missing a few key skills if they see the applicant’s drive and work ethic.

Top construction managers will frame their interview questions to confirm that candidates are willing to learn and grow. They will also look for candidates to demonstrate that enthusiasm in their answers to questions.

Construction Managers Look for Candidates Who Researched the Role and Company

As with any other industry, construction recruiting teams want to see that candidates took the time to research the company or learn about the role. They want candidates to look at the company’s website to familiarize themselves with the types of projects the company works on and its values.

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