It’s not uncommon to experience at least some anxiety when it comes to interviewing for a construction job. But you don’t have to let your nerves control you either. Often, all it takes is going back to the basics, and focusing more on avoiding some of the interview mistakes that tend to dissuade construction hiring managers.

Arriving Late to the Interview

Arriving late to the interview can be a deal killer no matter how great your resume is. It’s important to respect the scheduled interview time that you’re provided with and arrive on time. Arriving late will make a bad impression and ultimately will shortchange your opportunity to meet with construction leadership. Yet, you’ll want to resist the urge of arriving too early as well. Strolling into the office 30 minutes premature can be just as disruptive as being late. Plan to arrive approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time so you can avoid any possible delays due to traffic or other unforeseen issues.

Not Asking Relevant Questions

Asking the right questions is essential during your interview. Make sure your questions are thoughtful and pertinent to the position you are considering. Avoid getting too personal by asking about the interviewer’s family, previous employees, etc. Here are a few good questions you can ask to get a clearer picture of the company, culture, and role during your interview:

  • Why are you hiring for this position? This will help you to learn if the company is either growing, downsizing, etc. Before signing on the dotted line, you should know how stable the company is.
  • Why do people stay working here? It’s a good question to ask in order to determine if you’ll be a good fit with the company’s culture.
  • What’s the estimated timeline for making this hiring decision? In addition to learning when you might be receiving a callback, hiring managers will often provide you with a timeline for when leadership will follow up with you about the position after the interview.

Being Unprepared or Unpolished

If you want to be treated like a professional, then you’ll need to look like one. Dressing the part will help build your confidence for the interview and could be what puts you ahead of another candidate being considered for the same role. Most hiring managers still prefer reviewing hard copy resumes in lieu of online profiles. Be sure to bring a few extras to show how prepared you are for meeting with other people in the organization too.

Finally, you should show some enthusiasm for the new opportunity being presented to you. Sit-up straight, make regular eye contact and respond to their questions in a timely, energetic manner. Focus on communicating just how you will help them to achieve their goals by explaining your previous successes and initiatives you’ve led.


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