Networking with other concrete construction contractors is essential for growing your business or advancing in your career. The right networking techniques can easily lead to increases in your construction salaries. If you own a construction business, these benefits may extend to your team as well.

The following tips will help you successfully network with others in concrete construction.

Why Network With Other Concrete Contractors?

Before you get into how to network with other contractors, it’s important to understand why this is important.

It Can Boost Your Construction Salaries

Networking will bring you more opportunities. The other concrete contractors you network with will recommend you for jobs. This, in turn, should increase your annual salary by reducing your downtime. Or if your schedule is already full, it can give you the chance to be picky about projects and only choose those with the best construction salaries.

Remember that networking does more than just bring you more job opportunities. Those opportunities are also more likely to convert. After all, if someone asks a contractor for a recommendation, they likely need their services.

Depending on the situation, you can even boost your salary further with referral fees.

Be Thoughtful About Recommendations

Part of networking involves sharing your network. This means recommending concrete contractors to others. In exchange, they will return the favor when the opportunity arises. But you need to be thoughtful about who you recommend.

Most importantly, avoid recommending a contractor who could be considered bad. Remember that a poor recommendation reflects poorly on your construction skills. You may lose out on future opportunities to work with clients. At the very least, your credibility will take a hit.

The bottom line here is to only recommend a contractor if you are 100% confident in their abilities and business skills.

How to Vet the Contractors

With that in mind, you need to make sure you vet any contractors before networking with them or recommending them. Talking to their clients is a good starting point. Another excellent source is the other contractors you work with.

You can also directly ask potential contractors you want to network with for references.

When in Doubt, Start Small

If you think you found a good concrete contractor to network with but aren’t confident, start small. Give them a small lead without major consequences. This gives them a chance to prove themselves.

Focus Your Efforts Where You Want Them

It is also important to focus your networking efforts on the types of connections that matter the most for you. For example, if your focus is on commercial properties, you want to network with other contractors who work on commercial properties, not residential ones.


Networking with other concrete contractors will help you advance your career or business. You will find yourself with more contracting opportunities and the ability to earn a higher wage. In this way, networking offers similar benefits to working with recruiters. Focus on networking with others you would feel confident recommending who work within your niche.

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