Automation has already had an impact on many industries, and that impact is likely to continue. One of the many areas where automation from robotics can potentially enhance productivity is construction. Whether you are construction leadership looking toward the future of searching for construction careers in the middle of the skilled labor crisis, it can be helpful to understand better how automation may impact the industry.

Understanding Opportunities for Robotic Automation in Construction

Automating Physical Tasks

A recent McKinsey report outlines three main opportunities for automation to boost productivity in the construction industry. Most people would think of robots replacing physical tasks, such as machines that pave roads or robots that can lay bricks. This type of automation could potentially help address the skilled labor shortage as well.

Modular Construction

Another automated opportunity comes from modular construction or pre-production. For example, robots and automation could 3D-print various projects, which those in construction careers could then put together on site.

Digitization and Automation

Finally, the digitization of various elements of construction provides automation opportunities. When things get digitized, AI or other types of automation can help with managing, planning, and designing.

Improved Safety and Drones

In addition to the McKinsey report outlines opportunities, there are also numerous other important factors to consider, such as safety. To some extent, the pandemic spurred this aspect of automation. People had to work remotely, so construction companies had to develop methods to allow this. That led to an increase in ground rovers and drones to gather data, reducing the number of people on site. This can potentially reduce the number of people that construction recruiting firms have to hire.

Using drones and rovers also adds an element of safety to construction sites. After all, with these robots on-site, people have to spend less time on the worksite, and worksites can contain dangers. The drones could be beneficial with remote worksites where people would be far from help if something went wrong.

Attracting More Talent

Even construction recruiters may notice a change in their productivity with automation. Essentially, those searching for construction jobs will appreciate the use of technology and its ability to make their job easier or more efficient. That should attract more talent, giving recruiters more options to choose from.

These Productivity Enhancements Will Not Occur Overnight

The same McKinsey report offers the vital caution that the potential improvements to productivity via robotics and automation will not be ready right away. Experts predict that a transition to modular building, for example, could take decades.

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