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Where to Find Skilled Construction Workers in a Lean Market

Fewer young people are entering the construction market. Combined with baby boomers retiring, this leaves a gap that construction firms have to fill. Such a lean market can be intimidating, but the following techniques can help you find and recruit construction talent. The State of the Lean Market: Why Employers Wonder Where [...]

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Critical Construction Trends Employers Should Know About

Construction employers have to stay on top of the industry trends. After all, these trends help determine how many new employees you need to hire, as well as the skills to look for. Explore some of the construction trends employers should know about to make informed hiring decisions. The Pandemic’s Effect on [...]

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How Candidates Can Effectively Work with a Recruiter

Working with a construction recruiter can help you find jobs at companies that align with your values, but how you interact with the recruiter is an important part of making sure the experience has the outcomes you desire. An important first step is building a rapport with a recruiter before you actually [...]

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Spotlight on Federal & Military Construction

Construction companies with experience in federal construction continue to build, maintain, and renovate America's federal and military properties. From upgrading military buildings to conform with antiterrorism standards, to cleaning up and recycling hurricane debris and helping protect threatened wildlife worldwide, there have been a variety of exciting projects in this space recently. [...]

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Coalition Releases Plan to Modernize American Infrastructure

The construction industry has been in the headlines recently with several compelling announcements being reported. President Trump donated part of his salary ($100,000) to fund infrastructure projects around the US, and his administration also released a 55-page outline of an infrastructure plan that depicts a 10-year, $1.5 trillion proposal. But, many industry [...]

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Millennials Are Helping to Change the Construction Industry

The influx of Millennials into construction is changing dynamics in the industry. The changes are being felt in many aspects of construction companies and how they do business. Here's a look at some of those evolving dynamics. Mission & Vision Young people entering the industry today have to be aligned with the [...]

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